Television and Social Media Commercial Production

Television & Social Media Commercials

Television commercials are an effective way of advertising that many medium and large companies use to sell their products and build brand awareness. DiGregorio Productions produces and manages commercial campaigns for broadcast television, cable television and social media. Our role is to produce and market the spot so you get the best ROI from the production. We shoot standard 4K up to 8K depending on the distribution of the final spot. Working with you we:

  • - Define the campaign goals
  • - Create the concept
  • - Identify the intended audience
  • - Shoot the spot
  • - Edit the spot
  • - Distribute the spot (broadcast, cable or social media)
  • - Manage the spot to maximize ROI and viewership
  • - Track progress and forward reports
With most, the job is done once the spot is done. Not with us. We manage the spot and run the campaign for you whether you’re distributing on the big networks, cable television, Facebook or LinkedIn. Our job it to make sure this campaign is a success. That’s why we don’t just give you the spot and walk away. Are you looking to promote your business with a commercial?

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