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An unexpected heart attack almost financially cripples this family from Orlando, Florida. Kathleen & Greg share how Liberty Health Share cut their medical cost from $171,000 down to just over $24,000.
Diamond Credit Union share how the implementation of the Vidyo video conferencing system has transformed their business and added tremendous value to their service.
The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University asked us to produce this video. It explains the philosophy of the MSIGDH program, its importance and benefits to the students.
Faced with an identity crisis the non-profit Ed Health turned to the ideaAgency to help them re-brand their organization. See how the ideaAgency re-branded Ed Health and transformed their business.
Caught in the classic extreem start-up phase of their business Bin There Dump That needed to increase traffic to their website and social media channels. We helped them drive traffic by using our "Pitch" series. Check out how we leveraged their message and "Pitched" it every month to their customers.
See how our Post-production & video editing services helped Hudson Valley Community College with their social media campaigns.
The new concept of rewarding kids to read was taking off in California. See why these kids loved the idea and how much they enjoy the latest app.
Wanting to showcase their business and how they help their clients, NowSpeed began their Testimonial Series with Quaker Special Risk.
One of our creative projects that makes us proud. Our Post-production & video editing services made the band Wreckage’s new album “Steel Standing” and their song "Awaken Me" a hit with their fans.