DiGregorio Productions The Pitch

The "Pitch"

The Pitch is a short video where you can introduce your business, promote a product or service, introduce a new service or announce an event. Think of it as your "The Elevator Speech" on video. If you had :30 seconds to tell a prospect about your company- what would you say? That's your pitch.

"The Pitch" is designed to be short :30 to :60 second clips targeted to one message with a call to action. By using short segments we accomplish a few things. First, we focus on one message per video. This captures the viewer's attention and doesn't confuse them with another message, product or service you are offering. Second, being concise we are giving the viewer a reson to contact your business. Lastly, it respects the viewer's time by not making them sit through a long presentation to get the information they need.

The best benefit of "The Pitch" is, you can change it monthly or quarterly depending on your business cycle. This helps build your brand and keeps you "top of mind" during your busy season.

We offer Single Pitch, 4-Pitch and 12-Pitch plans. Changing the media on your social media pages or website encourages people to revisit your page or website more often.

The Packages
  Single Pitch   4-Pitch Plan   12-Pitch Plan
Concept Consultation 1 hour 1.5 Hours 2 Hours
Script Consultation to refine your pitch 1 hour   1.5 Hours   2 Hours
Shooting Day(s) 3 Hours shooting
on location
  6 Hours shooting
on location
  10 hours shooting
on location
Editing 2 Hours editing   4 Hours editing   8 Hours editing
Motion Graphic Design with your company logo 1 hour   1.5 Hours   2 Hours
Color Grading Included   Included   Included
Audio Sweetening Included   Included   Included
Delivery to web designer Included   Included   Included
Financing Available No   No   Yes
Price $1,500   $2,000   $3,000
Promotional package for the above packages available separatley ask us about the details.