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Bin There Dump That:
"Delivering The Friendly"

Caught in the classic extreem start-up phase of their business Bin There Dump That needed to increase traffic to their website and social media channels. We helped them drive traffic by using our "Pitch" series. Check out how we leveraged their message and "Pitched" it every month to their customers.

"I wanted to optimize our online search results, and Bob has a product that will do just that!"
- Julie Paradise, Franchise Owner Bin There Dump That

We worked with Julie to produce 12 videos :30 to :60 seconds each so she could reach her clients and prospects every month with a new message. We coached Julie on refining the message for video, we shot all 12 spots in one day complete with b-roll. We then color graded the footage, edited all 12 videos then published them to social media.

We tracked the views each month and saw that these videos were getting close to 1,500 views in 48-hours. A big success for "The Pitch" series and Bin There Dump That. These videos are still being used in Julie's marketing.

For more information on "The Pitch" <- Click Here.

Delivering The Friendly
Produced by:
DiGregorio Productions
Bob DiGregorio: Producer
Bin There Dump That
Fitchburg, MA
Video Production
DiGregorio Productions