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Older Kids Love vCarrot

The new concept of rewarding kids to read was taking off in California. See why these kids loved the idea and how much they enjoy the latest app.

Our role with vCarrot was a combination of videography, logistics, video editing and motion graphics. NowTV flew us out to Temecula, CA to shoot 4-videos in a span on 3 days. We shot with the Blackmagic Cinema 4K Production Camera with a variety of Prime Lenses. This gave us that film look the client was looking to achieve.

We had to coordinate the rental equipment to be sent from Chicago, IL to Temecula, CA, get it tested and ready to shoot within a few hours after landing.

We began the editing process on the plane from Temecula, CA to Boston, MA. Created the motion graphics and edited all 4 videos in close to two weeks.

Older Kids Love vCarrot
Produced by:
Susan Alzalone: Producer
John Daly: Producer
Temecula, CA
Video Production
DiGregorio Productions